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I googled “ADAPT” because I wanted to see if there as anything in the definition that I could use to help me convey to you why the ability to ADAPT is a solution for you. Of the 84,900,000 results, the first one to appear in my search defined ADAPT as “make (Something) suitable for a new purpose; modify. Become adjusted to a new condition.” More importantly, it used the word ADAPT in a sentence – “A large organization can be slow to adapt to change.” Priceless!! Working with my small firm allows you to receive the personal attention and responsiveness necessary to adapt quickly – to changes in tax law, to changes in your industry, to changes in your business, to changes in your health, to changes in your living situation, etc… I am an accountant – I love processes, controls, routines, and standardization. But, the solution I am offering you is the ability of my firm to adapt my product to your particular needs, so that you are receiving customized accounting and tax planning solutions. Please review the “Client Stories” and Testimonials” section of my website. Here you can gain some understanding of the diversity of my clients and my role within their businesses.