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The key to minimizing your tax liability is to hire the CPA firm with the greatest knowledge of how to do so, right? Inherent in that knowledge is an understanding of our clients. Without getting philosophical, let’s refer back to Webster’s Dictionary for the definition of empathetic “an adjective that means showing ready comprehension of others’ states.” So, in addition to being equipped with the knowledge to save our clients’ money, a CPA must also be empathetic – we must have a “ready comprehension” of our clients. We must understand their personality types, their motivations, their risk tolerances, their visions for the future, their family connections, etc…. So, how is being empathetic a solution for you? Taking the time to understand my clients allows me to provide the best advice to them. And, the best solution should not be driven solely by tax strategies. Tax strategies should be utilized to minimize their tax liability within the framework of their larger plan.