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Aggressive, Shelters, Mitigation, Loop Holes are all words and phrases that have often come to define or to be associated with those CPA’s and firms that are going to minimize your tax liability. I would like “SMART” to be the new standard by which a CPA Firm is defined. In a perfect world, every CPA Firm would provide his/her clients with the exact same results as every other CPA Firm. In reality, the final results can vary greatly based on approach, knowledge, relationship, experience, and ethics – among other things. So how is being SMART a solution for YOU? Being SMART means knowing when, why, and how to organize your business. Being SMART means preparing accurate and timely financials to actively manage and minimize your tax liability throughout the year. Being SMART means employing all of the latest income reducing, expense accelerating, and tax deferring vehicles that best fit the strategies, goals, profitability, and cash flow of our clients. Being SMART means understanding our clients and developing relationships beyond the superficial annual meetings with them. Now, if all of that sounds redundant relative to every other CPA Firm website you have visited, let me say this: accounting and tax preparation is a collaborative process with our clients, and the final product that we produce is driven by how SMARTLY we work together.