Stacks Kitchen


Stacks Kitchen

Featured on the WBT Road Show and the recent 2015 Trip Adviser Winner, Stacks Kitchen is a favorite local family restaurant focused on using the freshest local ingredients and homemade recipes. With locations in Waxhaw and Matthews, Stacks is drawing rave reviews.

Family owned and operated by George & Tina Hatzinikitas and George and Nicole Gagis, you will never meet two kinder, hard-working, and more generous families. I have known George &Tina since I started my accounting firm back in 2009, and I’ve seen them grow from a small spot in Waxhaw to having 2 totally renovated and thriving locations in Waxhaw and Matthews. Like most of my clients, Stacks requires a CPA that remains flexible and attentive to their needs. As owner-operators, they are challenged every day to balance intense work schedules and family life. So, my role in their businesses is to make sure that those are the only things that they need to focus on – not accounting, not sales taxes, not workers comp and personal property tax audits, and not tax preparation. While all of these services do require close cooperation with my clients, I do recognize when I need to be an unseen cog in the wheel that keeps the business financially safe and compliant with regulatory and taxing agencies. I have lunch or breakfast at Stacks at least twice a month (Sometimes with my daughter) to enjoy a Pork Roll sandwich or Tuscan Omelet… and recently had my first taste of shrimp and grits – FANTASTIC.

I do this for two reasons – 1) A Great Meal 2) To let them know that I support them and I am always ready to help in any way that I can.
1315 N. Broome Street
Waxhaw, NC 28173
(704) 243-2024

1110 Monroe Road
Matthews, NC 28105
(704) 841-2025